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studio news · 18. September 2020
Video Music Production by Valentin Hoell for

studio news · 05. August 2020
Hamad16 - Kawasaki - release 2020.08.01.

Erci E. feat. Xavier Naidoo - Tek Dünya (One World) - Release May 29th, 2020
studio news · 29. May 2020
I'm glad to be part of this wonderful song by Erci E., member of the legendary Turkish hip hop formation "Cartel" featuring the famous German/South African singer Xavier Naidoo. I played the guitar tracks and did some additional production.

German Songwriting Awards 2019
studio news · 10. December 2019
I am very pleased to win the category "Schlager" at the German Songwriting Awards 2019 with the song "Merry Christmas Frohes Fest". This is a very nice recognition for me as a songwriter. Thank you. Special thanks to Nadja and Uli Kuppel, Meisel Music, Jens-Markus Wegener and the whole GSA-Team. Very special thanks to Glenn Silva, Patricia Gabriela, Helge Marx and the Silvacast-Team.

Best Sound Design Award - The Pitts Family Circus - Calcutta International Cult Film Festival Nov. 2017
studio news · 02. January 2018
Best Sound Design Award - The Pitts Family Circus - Calcutta Cult Film Festival Nov. 2017

Film Post Production - The Pitts Family Circus - the world's first Ethereum-funded movie
studio news · 19. September 2017
Film director Ken Fanning and film producer Tony Caradonna visited me in the studio. We had a good laugh and worked on the sound design of the indie film "The Pitts Family Circus", a beautiful movie about an Australian circus family. Later on I completed the in-depth sound design, stereo - and 5.1 mixes.